Solar Systems

With over 10 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions with solar systems, Sahara provides clients oriented professional services, based on international standards and partners committed for excellence.

The basic features of our solar systems services includes:

  • Agencies of the best electrical and solar energy companies.
  • Supplying, Installation and Operation for all solar energy systems.
  • Supplying, Installation and Operation for all solar pumping systems.
  • Supplying, Installation and Operation for all heavy or middle electrical equipment and industrial control systems.

Types of Solar Panels

1-Monocrystalline Silicon:

These panels are characterized by high purity of silicon, and the solar panel’s efficiency is higher than 18%. It is responsive to the ambient atmosphere and the power generation is very efficient. This type of panel is characterized by working under high temperatures and recommended for use in solar pumping systems.

2-Polycrystalline Silicon

These solar panels are characterized by very excellent silicon purity, up to and above the solar panel’s efficiency of more than 16%, have a response to ambient atmosphere, excellent power generation, and excellent temperature sensitivity. It is recommended to be used in solar pumping systems.

AE-Solar Panels

  • One of the best global solar modules companies in Konigsbrunn- Germany.
  • Manufacture 500MW solar modules yearly.
  • 126,216 households are supplied by electricity form AE-Solar.
  • AE Solar photovoltaic modules are not only in line with international standards, but also tested and certified under extreme stress and any environmental influences.

AE-Solar Properties

  • Power Range: Plus-Sorting 0 ~ + 4,99Wp
  • IP67 Junction Box: Advanced water and dust proof level
  • Salt Mist Corrosion Resistant: Certified for salt rich environment
  • High Strengthened Design: Maximum mechanical load 6000 Pa
  • Linear performance guarantee of 30 years and a product warranty of 12 years, AE-Solar guarantees highest investment security and warranty claims.

MUST Power Systems

  • One of the biggest industrial companies in the solar energy section.
  • Widespread in more than 40 countries all around the world.
  • Produce more than 100 products of solar energy systems for all user needed.
  • The internal components of MUST products made by TOSHIBA Company.
  • MUST products passed the SAA, CE, SONCAP certificates and ISO9001 quality certificate.

Haze Battery

  • One of the biggest American industrial companies in the batteries section.
  • Produce all kind batteries with latest technologies (GEL, AGM, OPZV, OP2 tabular GEL Marine Gel, solar GEL, CATV, Top Terminal, and Front Access GEL).
  • Guaranteed battery lifetime more than 18 years.
  • HAZE products passed the all international quality certificates ( ISO9001 , ISO1400 CE Certificate and TUV Certificate).

Schneider Electric

  • First electrical company in the world with 180 years’ experience in industry.
  • Exists in more than 100 countries.
  • Received International quality certificates.
  • Contains a system to protect the fall of a waste and current and high voltages.
  • Operating at a very wide voltage range (450 – 850V).

Jintech Solar Pumping Inverter

  • MPPT Function with 98% efficiency.
  • Operating at a very wide voltage range (450 – 850V).
  • Very High Protection (IP65), water and dust prove.
  • Works in cloudy weather even if the rated power is below 50%.
  • Contains a system to protect the fall of a waste and current and high voltages.
  • Wide Working Temperature Range (-25, +60 C), can perfectly adapt extremely hard environments.
  • Pairs of PV Connectors with DC Switch, no need extra PV combiner box and DC switch.
  • Liquid-Crystal Display Screen, display every single details about the system.
  • Auto Parameter Programing, one click operation and parameter programing.